Defining the Triangle – Part 2: Chemical

In the absence of trauma, the body breaks down on the inside before symptoms arise on the outside. Too often our perception of health is predicated upon physical appearance; i.e. the 6-pack, instagram model who can eat whatever they want and sustain this ideal balance. Furthermore, we take inventory of our body status and conclude […]

Defining the Triangle – Part 1: Physical

When most people think about this category, they think about their physique. While that may be important to some, that is not the purpose of this category, nor would it be well defined. We define the physical aspect of the STATERA triad of health by 3 fundamental categories: Muscle Mass, Functional Movement, and Freedom From […]

STATERA | pillars

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” – Hippocrates For any journey to be successful, you must have a roadmap. The defined approach to getting where you want to go, effectively and efficiently. The framework for items to focus […]

Longevity – The journey of living longer, living better.

What more of an appropriate topic to kick off the STATERA | blog than the reason we started this clinic: longevity. Maybe you are new to the term of longevity, or maybe you’ve been well accustomed to this buzzword that has been recently creating a lot of attention. “It is no measure of health to […]