Foundational Health Program

Advanced solutions to get to the root of your health challenges.

Designed to identify the root-cause of your health challenges and build solutions over time.

Innovative Health Assessments

No more guessing! Our programs feature comprehensive health history intakes and special laboratory testing to truly understand the drivers of disease and dysfunction.

Advanced Health Optimization Services

Be confident in your health journey with cutting-edge functional medicine protocols, Hyperbaric Oxygen, LED Light therapy and so much more.

Personalized Treatment Plans & On-going Support

Our mission is to be your partner for personalized health and longevity. We value open communication to truly form sustainable changes.

Conditions Of Interest

Brain Health


Chronic Fatigue

Digestive Issues


Weight Loss


Cardiovascular Health

I feel 20 years younger. My inflammatory markers are greatly reduced, cholesterol and blood sugar have been normalized. Thank you Statera Health!

Scott, Foundational Program Member

Learn more with our
Discovery Consultation!

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level but are unsure of where to start, our Discovery Consultation is the perfect place. During the discovery appointment you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a provider to better understand your health challenges and how are services may be a good fit.

Tour Of Our Modern Clinic

30-Minute Health History Consultation

Cellular Health Scan + Report