Biomarker Lab Testing

Personalized testing to understand and improve your health like never before.

The most accessible way to understand your health status.

Have you received lab tests that are “normal”, yet you are still experiencing symptoms? The reason for this is traditional medical testing focuses on disease testing. But if you don’t have a disease, how do you know how well your system is functioning?

Through functional medicine testing, we are able to fit the person to the disease/dysfunction, NOT the disease to the person. This is the core fundamental difference between getting to the root-cause, instead of managing symptoms.

At-Home Lab Tests

Personalized Biomarker Testing


  • We do not perform in-house draws. Instead outsource to ARCpoint labs and LabCorp.

  • Lab panels do not include diagnostic consultation from one of our licensed practitioners unless scheduled.

  • Genetic report only performed once lifetime.

  • COVID-19 testing may not be covered by insurance. Check with your carrier to learn more.​

  • See terms of use for more information

Without completing the brief medical intake form following your purchase, you will not receive the requisition form and will not be able to get drawn.

*Local patients: appointments can be made by calling ARCpoint Labs (Edina location) at 952-513-7174. A $10 venipuncture collection fee will be charged at the draw site.

*Distant patients: visit the link above to find a draw station near you. A venipuncture collection fee will be charged at the draw site.