To empower patients with exceptional knowledge
and care to live longer, more fulfilled lives on their terms.


Jaron Faber, DC

After obtaining his B.S. in Biology from University of Minnesota Duluth, Dr. Jaron first set out to become a pharmacist. While prepping for pharmacy school he spent time working at a pharmacy that filled the second most prescriptions in the US. It didn’t take long to realize that there is something wrong with the current healthcare system. Dosages of drugs kept increasing and conditions became worse and more prevalent. Luckily, at this same time in life, Dr. Jaron was reintroduced to chiropractic. The philosophy of putting the body and mind in the right environment to heal itself or prevent injury made so much more sense than to target a symptom with a drug. For this reason, he declined pharmacy school offers to pursue a doctorate program that focuses on true health optimization. 

During chiropractic school, Dr. Jaron compiled over 500 post-doctoral hours attending various functional medicine programs and learning from the most brilliant minds in musculoskeletal dysfunction/pain, sleep, nutrition, blood and brain chemistry, anti-aging strategies, gut imbalances, methylation, and genetics. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2019 and is currently completing a Masters in Exercise Science. Soon, he intends to get certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine. When he is not educating himself on current trends in healthy dietary and lifestyle habits, he enjoys hunting, football, traveling, and being with friends and family. Dr Jaron is thrilled to serve the Edina community, with the agenda of getting people as healthy as possible, in the least amount of time as possible, following our only rule of ‘first do no harm.’

Jordan Shilts, DC

Dr. Jordan Shilts is motivated by longevity sciences. He incorporates chiropractic care, brain-based therapies, nutrition and movement into his holistic treatments to extend his patients’ health span and improve quality of life. His goal is to make longevity practices simple and accessible for his patients, as he does in his own life. In his free time, he enjoys sporting events, reading, mindful movement, and traveling. Dr. Shilts is also very passionate about research and integrating it into his treatments to promote optimal outcomes. 

He graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. He received his B.S. in Kinesiology from Winona State University. Dr. Shilts is certified in nutrition and applied kinesiology, and is dedicated to furthering his education. He is actively finalizing his M.S. in Exercise Science, performing thesis research in autonomic nervous system function, and currently pursuing a diplomate in Functional Neurology. 

His unique approach to practice is promoting foundational pillars of health (sleep, autonomic functions and recovery) while simultaneously improving the patient’s mindset towards lifestyle change. Once the foundation is stable, everything else can flourish. He believes this is achieved by identifying the cellular drivers of dysfunction and disease systematically before symptoms arise.

Joe Hein, LMT

As the founder of Integrative Massage, Joe works directly with top-performing athletes as well as athletic performance companies. Whether your goal is to mend an injury, shorten recovery time, or perform at a higher level, Joe can help you you get there!

He earned his Associates Degree in Applied Science of Massage Therapy in 2013 and Joe has attained over 1,200 hours of Bodywork training, specializing in Orthopedic/Rehabilitation Massage Therapy. Joe is also a Certified Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional and collaborates with Chiropractors, Functional Movement and Exercise Science specialists to achieve the most effective results for each patient.

What started as a personal experience with injuries throughout his own athletic and active lifestyle, turned into a passion for helping others experience these same benefits bodywork can have on recovery and performance.

When he is not working, encouraging and coaching you in mobility techniques, you can find him spending time with his wife and daughter; as well as mountain biking, hiking, or camping.