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Chronic Pain


Digestive Issues



Lyme/Mold Infections


Sleep Issues

Sports Injuries


Chronic Pain


Lyme/Mold Infections

Sleep Issues



Digestive Issues

Mild Cognitive Decline


Sports Injuries

Treatable Diagnoses
of Hyperbaric Oxygen


Air and gas embolism

Hyperbaric chambers decrease the bubble size of air bubbles dissolved into your bloodstream.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a painful condition that has been shown to improve with Hyperbaric.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to alleviate vascular dysfunction and amyloid burden in patients with AD.


Look younger, reduce inflammation and think better.


Its been shown that children with ASD have hypo-perfusion to the frontal lobe, which Hyperbaric can be effective.

Avascular necrosis

Look younger, reduce inflammation and think better.


Bone infection

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone or bone marrow that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to heal.


Hyperbarics help to restore the hypoxic tissues surrounding burns


Cancer (treatment synergy)

Hyperbaric has been shown to attenuate side-effects of chemo-therapy and radiation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning:

Hyperbarics remove the effects of breathing CO faster than any other treatment.

Central retinal artery occlusion:

Hyperbaric is often a reversal for CRAO, but must be administered immediately.

Cerebral palsy:

Hyperbaric works best for those with cerebral palsy caused by lack of oxygen.

Chronic fatigue syndrome:

Hyperbaric has been shown to increase the quality of life and mitigate symptom severity.

Crohn's disease:

Studies has shown that around 70-80% of patients with Crohn's who receive hyperbaric show significant improvement.


Decompression sickness

Hyperbaric is often a reversal for CRAO, but must be administered immediately.


HBOT helps the brain regenerate, reducing the symptoms of dementia.


We have treated multiple patients with depression who experienced profound results.

Diabetic wounds

One of the best known therapies for diabetic wounds, HBOT can restore oxygen to tissues affected by diabetes.



HBOT is perhaps the only treatment that may heal the underlying mechanisms of fibromyalgia.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

It has been shown by numerous case studies that HBOT helps to reduce the effects of FAS.


Studies have shown that HBOT helps kill bacterial agents that contribute to pulmonary fibrosis or radiation-induced.



Hyperbaric re-perfuses previously oxygen-deprived tissue and can prevent amputation.


Intracranial abscess

Hyperbaric has been shown to have successful results along with antibiotics in treating intracranial abscess.

Interstitial cystitis

HBOT decreases pelvic pain and urgency, improves voiding and the function of bladder capacity.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Studies have shown great results in patients with ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease.


Lyme disease

HBOT helps to kill off bacteria/spirochetes believed to cause Lyme disease.


Migraine headaches

HBOT has been shown to reduce and relieve migraine headaches.

MS (Multiple sclerosis)

We have helped numerous individuals with MS, as literature has shown to reduce symptoms.


Necrotizing soft-tissue infections

HBOT is FDA approved for its efficacy of reversing and treating necrotizing infections.

Non-healing wounds

Hyperbaric has a profound ability to provide healing when other therapies fail.



Hyperbaric has been shown to decrease inflammation, pain, necrosis and swelling associated with pancreatitis.

Parkinson's disease

Research suggests HBOT can help increase enzymes in the body that help prevent neuronal damage. Hyperbarics has also been shown to decrease depression, anxiety and tremors.


Radiation damage

Hyperbaric is FDA-approved for healing radiation damage to abdomen & pelvis, bladder, breast, mouth, neck and bones.


Sudden deafness

Studies have shown about half of individuals who develop sudden deafness recover within 2 weeks of HBOT.

Sports injuries/recovery

Professional athletes utilize Hyperbarics regularly to heal faster and retain longevity of their careers.


Over 50% of patients who receive HBOT experience significant improvement immediately following stroke.

Severe anemia

Hyperbaric shows consistent positive results in mitigating the effects of anemia.


Similar to non-healing wounds, HBOT re-supplies oxygen to ischemic wounds.

Spinal cord injuries

HBOT has been shown to reduce spinal inflammation and increase cellular regrowth in the CNS.


Ulcerative Colitis

Studies have shown significant improvement in patients suffering with UC.

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