LED Light Therapy

Look, Think, Feel and Perform better with the most advanced whole-body LED technology available.

Enhance Whole-Body Circulation

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Headaches/Migraines, Depression/Anxiety,  Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia.

Boost Performance
+ Recovery

Brain Performance, Sleep Performance, Increased Blood Flow, Sexual Performance, Increased Energy, Faster Recovery.


LED Light Therapy promotes powerful anti-inflammatory gene activation, and signals the body to promote healing.

How does LED Light Therapy Work?

LED Light Therapy (aka Photobiomodulation) works by stimulating your mitochondria to generate energy, improve circulation and signal recovery pathways. This therapy is becoming widely popular for performance and cosmetic enhancing properties. 


This therapy may be great for individuals who have high blood pressure, compromised blood flow, or those looking to heal and/or perform better. Increased blood flow means more nutrients + oxygen to the cell and more efficient detoxification.


Enhance Your Life with the 6-Week Renew Program

Harness the full potential of LED Light Therapy with our cutting-edge 6-Week Renew Program. The first 4-weeks (2x/week) is spent acclimating your body to the stimulus with personalized settings tailored to your health condition. The final 2-weeks progress to the most advanced photobiomodulation programs available today.

Useful for:

  • Skin Conditions
  • Migraines
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Acute Injuries
  • Brain Performance
  • Neuropathy
  • Inflammation

What Should I Expect?


Each session can range from 12-15 minutes long, progressing up to 25 minutes once acclimated to the stimulus. We provide you with a towel, eye-protection, and bluetooth speaker… but feel free to bring your headphones! LED Light Therapy is best applied if the person is undressed to their comfort level; wearing zero clothing for best effects. The session produces a mild heating sensation that is soothing and relaxing.

Questions About LED Light Therapy?


All of our health technologies are considered incredibly safe. We recommend individuals who are on thyroid medicaiton consult with their prescribing physician before using LED Light Therapy. Rare and mild side effects include insomnia if used too close to bed.


Pregnancy: This product has not been tested for safety on pregnant women. While the light is safer than the rays from UV tanning beds or sunshine, the common advice for pregnant women is that increased temperature later in pregnancy has a risk of starting premature labor.


Cancer: If you have an active cancer diagnosis, seek advice from your oncologist before engaging in a ARRC Whole Body Light Pod session.

Diabetes: It is conceivable that this session may reduce medication requirements. If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugars closely initially as insulin requirements may reduce.

Light Sensitivity: If you take medications or have conditions that may be affected by light, notify your healthcare professional
before beginning your ARRC Whole Body Light Pod session.

Pins/Plates/Metal Implants/Pacemakers: There is no evidence of adverse effects for clients with these devices.

LED Light Therapy is the application of red + green and near infrared light to stimulate tissue repair, increase production of cellular energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain. Light is absorbed at the cellular level, targeting the cause of inflammation by reducing oxidative stress. Extensive research during the last two decades has revealed oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn contributes to chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and pulmonary diseases.

LED Light Therapy works at the cellular level, stimulating repair and normalizing cell function. Many therapies only address symptoms without addressing the source. That said, chronic degenerative changes often cannot be “healed,” instead they must be managed. LED Light Therapy is a safe, effective, drug-free therapy that has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation at its source.

LED Light Therapy can be delivered to the entire body using the state-of-the-art ARRC Whole Body Light Pod. A session lasts 12- 25 minutes.

Unlike high intensity lasers, LED Light Therapy does not heat tissue. It does, however, increase circulation so a warming sensation is often experienced.

The following outcomes have been reported by clients. These outcomes may not apply to every person and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent, and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results:

  • temporary euphoric feeling
  • increased energy levels
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved skin clarity and tone
  • decreased swelling of extremities
  • increased mental clarity
  • increased general sense of well-being
  • increased time-to-fatigue during exercise


Occasionally some clients may experience mild fatigue, discomfort, or aches after a session. These responses should reduce after 24-48 hours; if they persist notify your practitioner.

Every person’s physiological conditions are unique, therefore each person’s reaction to LED Light Therapy will be unique, as well. There are, however, some general rules of thumb that apply to LED Light Therapy. Acute injuries and inflammation from muscle strains and sprains, cuts, bruises, burns, etc., typically show very rapid improvement and can resolve in 2-4 sessions. Long-term, chronic conditions can take as many as 12 sessions to get significant benefits, then weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be necessary to maintain benefits.

Goggles are provided to reduce brightness during your session. You can disrobe to your level of comfort; however, light cannot penetrate clothing so it is optimal for no clothing to be worn. You will lie on the bed face up for the duration of the session. The standard suggested session time is 12-25 minutes; when completed the unit will turn off automatically.

No, we do not accept insurance policies. You can always ask your insurance provider if they can reimburse you, but we do not accept insurance for payment. Many of our clients use their health savings account cards just like a credit card.