As chiropractors who practice functional medicine, we understand there is more to optimal health than simply balancing the physical structure. The art of what we do is understanding personalized needs of an individual and fitting that into the lifestyle and interest level of the patient.

Our clinical services is what makes this longevity center different from the rest. As a patient, you spend a minimum of 15 minutes with our highly knowledgeable and skilled practitioners – focusing on foundational lifestyle pillars, neurologic integrity and movement patterns. Our mission is to keep you mentally and physically optimized so you can continue pursuing your life’s passions.

Experience the difference today!


This initial step may take up to an hour, but we guarantee it will save much confusion and time in the long-run.
A comprehensive history is what separates successful outcomes from repeated errors. We strongly believe that knowledge is power, and the more we understand your individual needs, the better we will be able discern through your current health obstacles together.
The discovery appointment is when we establish a unique approach to the doctor-patient relationship, making this step favorite part of the functional medicine journey. We want to understand where your starting points are, a process under-appreciated in conventional medicine.


At this point we have reviewed your health history, and are now determining if you are a good fit for our clinic. We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, and if we can’t help you we will find someone who is more appropriately equipped.
Regardless of the complexity of the case, we understand there are multiple paths to achieving the same goal. Some prefer slow and steady, while others are able to handle a more intensive approach.


Once you determine the best fit, we will build a personalized treatment plan around your individual needs and goals.


Our options for functional medicine protocols include INTENSIVE, GRADUAL, 1-WEEK STAY, and GROUP WELLNESS.
Much of what is understood about conventional medicine centers around disease testing. But if you don’t have a disease we really don’t have a good idea of how to run functional tests and quantify the function of a particular system.


Our approach to diagnostic testing involves using functional testing to quantify the function of a particular system, to establish a better view at the root cause of symptoms. The purpose of our in-office testing is to collect as much information as we can to help the patient before they develop disease.
STATERA | body status is designed to analyze impactful health metrics quickly and efficiently. These in-office assessments include: cellular health scan (via bio-impedance analysis), saliva pH, zinc tally test, as well as basic vitals.
What makes our clinic even more unique is the comprehensive analysis software each patient receives with our baseline blood panel.

This advanced report increases the clinician’s capacity to discern through the most probable underlying issue and better target the root cause.

The report consists of Functional Body Systems, Accessory Systems, Nutrient Status, Nutrient Deficiencies and Clinical Dysfunctions.
The art of personalized healthcare is why it is referred to as “practice”.

With advances in today’s technology, we have greater ability to take control over the best aspects of healthcare. Through our telemedicine consults, you have more accessibility to your practitioner from where ever you are.

Our patient portal offers secure and confidential messaging to your doctor for progress check ups, or medical inquires that can be answered quickly.

We believe this form of care leads to increased trust, greater compliance and improved outcomes.
After about 4-6 months of consistent growth, now is when we want to re-test our initial measurements. This analysis allows us to truly understand what is moving the needle on your health goals and needs, and/or what may be holding you back.
Health is not a destination, but an on-going lifestyle journey. It is likely at this point in the journey, you have made significant changes, increased your knowledge and understanding of longevity, and now are on the path to maintaining your optimized status.